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Family Road Trip: Belgium Edition

My family flew over to Brussels for the week!!! My sister and brother were on spring break for the week, and so was I! So we did a road trip around Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg, going to a total of 9 cities that week!

The family flew into Brussels early Sunday morning, so once they landed and got through customs and all that, they drove to my place and we got breakfast at the crack of 8:30am. After breakfast, I showed them my apartment and I packed for the week’s trip. Then we went into the city center and I showed them all the tourist spots and everything.

From Brussels, we drove to Gent, which is a city about an hour away. I was there back in February (you can read about it here), but I was excited to come back and explore the city some more! Pretty much right after checking in, everyone showered after being on a plane and then we got lunch. After lunch, we just walked around. We did take a tour of the Gravensteen Castle, which was super interesting! The audio tour guide had some interesting phrases, including my favorite of “he couldn’t just smash her after a hard day at work”. We also saw a graffiti wall and I showed my family some of the things I had seen last time I was here. Later that night, my mom, sister, and I were having some “girl time” in the lobby while they were waiting for it to hit 9pm so they could go to bed (they were sooo jetlagged haha). My dad came down to join us just before 9pm, so the 2 of us talked for a little bit before he also went to bed around 10pm. THEN I FaceTimed my best friend from back home because we hadn’t talked in a while and she asked me to be her maid of honor!!!!!!! I cried, I was so in shock and so excited.

The next day on Monday, we drove to Brugge right after breakfast. Brugge is such a cute city!! There were canals everywhere and flowers and the buildings were just really pretty. We walked around and took a canal tour while there. Some parts of the city have been around since the 13th century!

From Brugge, we drove to the Netherlands.... stay tuned for that post!

Click here for all my pictures from Brussels.

Click here for the pictures from Ghent with the family.

Click here for the pictures from Brugge with the family.

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