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In the last 12 days in Brussels, I went to Brugge one of those days with Theresa and Amalie! We took the train to the cute city, and just walked around. I had been here earlier with my family in April, but it was still fun to check it out again.

Brugge is Belgium's pride and joy of their country - all semester Belgians would asked if we had been there and would RAVE about how beautiful it is and how we HAD to go there. While I agree that it is beautiful...I honestly thought Ghent was prettier. And there isn't much to do in Brugge. Maybe that's just me and my not-actually-a-Belgian self speaking though? Regardless, it is still a pretty city!

While there, we checked out the Beer Wall, which showcased every single Belgian beer known to man (there's a few thousand kinds). We walked across a ton of bridges and canals and admired the ducks and swans swimming around. We ate at a cute cafe. We saw the town center. It was a quick trip, but still really fun with Theresa and Amalie!!

Check out all my pictures from this trip to Brugge here.

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