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Bars of Brussels

If there's one thing I love about Brussels, it's all the bars everywhere. Seriously. I loved all the variety and the drinking culture is so unlike America. Seriously, I ran on coffee most days and a drink (or more...) most nights while here. Here's a pretty lengthy list of my favorite places in Brussels:

The Delirium: the classic tourist spot. Seriously, it's usually busy with tourists here. But it's worth the experience to go to for sure. Also, they have over 3,000 options for beer so don't say you don't like beer!

The Little Delirium: still a bit of a tourist spot, but it's a bit quieter here which makes it a good spot to hangout for a casual drink. Also the prices are a bit cheaper than The Delirium.

The Mezzo: they offer a student discount of 1euro/Maes beer if you show your student ID and there's a dance floor here!

Halles Saint-Gery: located in the center of the city, it's a perfect spot for big groups of people. It's also right next to like 5 other bars, so it's a perfect area to bar hop at.

Ebrius: a popular bar amongst IHECS students, this bar is pretty cramped (seriously don't recommend bringing a huge bag with you), but super cozy with brick walls, tiny staircases, comfy indoor and outdoor seating and a fooseball table. Happy Hour ends at 7pm (drinks are buy one, get one free), so get there before to take advantage of the cheap prices!

Michael Collins Irish Pub: a bar right around the corner from my apartment. Every Thursday night, they had a Conversation Exchange where you could come for a drink and practice speaking a language (whether it's French, Spanish, English, etc.) with others who were fluent in said-language.

Ginette Bar: they have cheap (but very good!) glasses of wine here if you're ever not in the mood for beer (gasp!). There's also outdoor seating which I'm a big fan of.

Le Murmure: a cool bar in Ixelles that had good music, a fooseball table, and cute decorations!

Bar du Marché: another really popular bar in Ixelles, especially among the young people. There's a TON of bars in this area to check out, which also makes it an easy spot to do a bar crawl at.

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